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As a pet lover, it can be really difficult watching your best friend suffer from stomach problems. So, when I typed Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach into my favorite search engine for Dakota, I was really disappointed with the information that was out there.

This motivated me to create this article to provide answers where previously few existed.

The best part…

During my research, I found three really great dog food products that work well for a pooch with a sensitive stomach.

In this post, I talk about which breeds are more sensitive than others. I explore what symptoms to look for that are signs your lovable companion is suffering from a sensitive stomach. I also share what I found for how to identify good ingredients to look for in your dog food.

Do You Want The BEST Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach?



Is Your Breed Susceptible to a Sensitive Stomach?

Dakota says some of her friends are having stomach aches. And, they are suffering from frequent vomiting. I told her they may just have a sensitive stomach.

Here’s the deal:

Libby Hospice: Another Ice Cream Cone - Photo 1

“Libby Hospice: Another Ice Cream Cone – Photo 1” by Pete Markham, via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

A sensitive stomach is more common in some breeds. For example, Scottish Terriers and Yorkies are more prone to this problem.

Also, Hungarian Vizsla  have a body type that causes the stomach to fill with air and become more easily twisted.  So, dogs with a deep chested cavity commonly have this issue.

What’s happening here?

During my research into canine’s with a sensitive stomach, it became obvious that it all starts with the kind of food they consume.

For some (especially those with a tendency for stomach problems), the food they eat just triggers stomach problems more easily.

Knowing this, some investigation was needed to collect information about the Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach. I promised Dakota I would search until I found some great dog food alternatives to help her and her suffering friends.

How to Know if Your Dog has a Sensitive Stomach?

Dog, Domestic Puppy, Animal, PetMost of the time there are some pretty obvious signs that’ll help you determine whether your dog’s suffering from sensitive stomach issues or not.

The appearance of only one of these symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean your dog has a sensitive stomach.

However, if more than one of these appears then you should be aware that something is happening with your friend’s digestive system.

  • Vomiting: it’s the most common symptom. When consuming something other than the Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach your dog will tend to throw up not long after eating.
  • Excessive Gas: flatulence is another common factor dogs with digestive track issues. This can happen by eating too fast. If your dog has a lot of gas after eating you can take it for a walk. Movement will help your loyal family member release the retained gas. This can also make for a much more enjoyable evening in front of the TV!
  • Diarrhea: usually when your dog has had a recent change in their diet, dogs with a sensitive stomach can excrete loose stools.

Have You Seen Your Dog Do This?

Dog, Pet, Garden At Night, Grass EatWhen suffering from a sensitive stomach some dogs become grass-eaters.

What’s the real story?

If you see your dog out in the yard enjoying a veggie diet, it may be because of they are feeling nauseous.

Or, it could be a show of solidarity for their fellow animals by taking a break from their carnivorous ways!  But, more likely just an upset stomach. 🙂

Bottom line:

The real reasons they do this is because grass is a natural remedy for stomach disorders.

While the symptoms I talked about above are commonly exhibited by dogs with a sensitive stomach, it’s not necessarily the only reason why dogs can have these symptoms.

Sometimes, a sensitive stomach can be a hint of other problems. For this reason, taking your dog to the vet is always highly recommended.  It should be mandatory for every dog owner who truly cares about his or her best friend.

After all, if the sensitive stomach symptoms are truly a sign of a more serious problem, it’s better to know earlier than later.

Identifying Ingredients for the Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach

“Day 26” by MeganLynnette, via Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Dakota says it’s important to pay attention to the ingredients included in her food.  Also, to monitor what happens when she consumes her food to watch for symptoms.

Why does this matter?

During my research, I found that certain key ingredients can have a big impact on your dog’s stomach.

  • Fat: It’s not a secret that high amounts of fat can be hard to digest. A quick tip: if a specific dog food includes too much fat, you can see that by looking at the first four ingredients listed.  If the first four ingredients include any oils or fats, move on to the next product. Be sure to give your dog enough fat to have energy during the day.  But, not too much to make their stomach hurt.  About 10-15 percent is ideal for a healthy adult dog.

Recommendations For The Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach

Since I needed to figure this out for Dakota, I searched to find several options that meet the criteria of a great dog food for a sensitive stomach.

These three options were the best options I found.  Dakota has tried each of them.  We like to rotate here food so she doesn’t get tired eating the same thing every day.

The results have been great.  She loves them all, and they check all of the boxes for a great dog food that is good for a dog with a sensitive stomach.

And, best of all, she no longer shows symptoms like we describe above.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dry Dog Food

Hill’s Science is where science and pet care hold hands and work together to find out the best source of nutritional content.

Here’s the deal:

Behind each bag of Hill’s Science there are more than 200 veterinarians, scientists and pet nutritionist.  They use their expertise to feed our friends with top quality ingredients that will ensure their full development and correct nutrition.

In this bag you will find a great source of proteins and natural ingredients in the form of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

That’s not all…

You can be sure this food does not contain any kind of preservatives.

This formula is a pure natural recipe for our dog’s wellness.

From an ingredients standpoint, Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dry Dog Food uses chicken meal (or barley, depending of the presentation), whole grain wheat, brewers rice, sorghum, soybean and delicious animal fat.

Strong nutritional value is powered with vitamin supplements as well as veggies such as a carrots, cranberries, green peas and broccoli.

Everything a dog needs in just one bag!

Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food

Practically everyone has heard of Purina. This company knows what it’s doing when it comes to dog food.

So, it’s no surprise to find Purina on this list.

Why is this important?

This world wide company has a strong focus when it comes to offering the best type of food for your dog according to its size, life stage and breed.

Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food provides real salmon as the first ingredient.  Salmon is a quality source of protein.

Not far down the list of ingredients is oat meal.  Oat meal is an easily digestible source of carbohydrates.

Other stars on the ingredient list are prebiotic fibers which promote digestive health and help to clean the intestines.

That’s not all…

If you’re trying to avoid feeding your dog any corn, soy or wheat, then this is the bag for you.  And, it doesn’t contain any artificial colors or flavors.

Bottom line:

This recipe is backed up by more than 85 years of investigation performed by scientists, nutritionists and various experts in the field of dog health.

All of this leads to this Purina package being a great and natural option for your dog that is suffering from stomach sensitivity.

Nutro Natural Choice Health Benefit Dog Treats

As the name says, Nutro Natural Choice is the natural choice for a dog’s diet.


Sometimes when your pooch does a great job following your training, you need to reward them.  And, you need to reward them with a treat that won’t reverse all of your training by causing them stomach problems.

After all, if every time they do what you are training them to do, you give them something that sends them to the back yard to eat grass, that just not going to help with your training!

Why Nutro?

It is with 100% natural ingredients and real animal protein.  Nutro is also a great source of quality nutritional content including vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

That’s not all…

It doesn’t matter if your dog prefers lamb or chicken because the amazing taste of either flavor of Nutro Natural Choice Health Benefit Dog Treats will ultimately seduce their taste buds.

The ingredients in this treat include chicken, whole brown rice, whole wheat, oatmeal, pumpkin puree, flaxseed, coconut meal, and is preserved with mixed tocopherols.

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Wrap Up: The Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach

Key Takeaways:

I identified which breeds and specific body types are more susceptible to having a sensitive stomach.

I identified vomiting, excessive gas, and diarrhea symptoms to look for to recognize that your fuzzy friend is suffering from a sensitive stomach.

And, I also shared some tips about fat, protein and fiber as ingredients to look for the best dog food for sensitive stomach.

Don’t forget:

It’s always a good idea to take a visit to the vet should your best friend suffer from a sour stomach.  It is always the best way to look for some extra guidance!

Do You Want The BEST Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach?


Dakota has selected some of the best products to recommend as a top quality dog food that can help alleviate your dog’s stomach. Hopefully this helps you to identify the Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach for your loyal friend.  Bark a nice day!

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