3 of the Best Dog Food Without Corn Products

Dog food with grains has always been a topic of discussion among dog owners.  Corn is one of the most common ingredients found in almost every dog food in the market, and many wonder is it really the best option.

Is dog food without corn better?

Do You Want The BEST Dog Food Without Corn?


Is corn harmful to dogs?

Does corn cause digestion issues?

Many questions are surrounding the debate about feeding corn to dogs.


Dakota Says:  I’m Not Just One of the Children

Maize Corn Cultivars

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There are two main ways of thinking that come to mind when it comes to dog food and corn.

Some say many human food products you find in the grocery market are perfectly fine for dogs.  And, that corn is just one of those items and is suitable for our adorable animals.

Other say corn is the worst thing you can give your dog.  And, that it can make dogs constipated and irritable for long periods of time.

Who should you believe?

Dakota says, her and her friends can eat corn safely, but that there is no real benefit.

Technically, there is nothing wrong with this grain.  And, it is in no way poisonous to them.

But, Dakota does notice that her friends usually cannot digest corn the same as humans.

How Can You Know If You Need Dog Food Without Corn?

Many pet owners go for grain free or gluten diet plan for their dogs.

They then question whether they are making the right move or not!

Unless your dog has a grain allergy, feeding them corn is really a choice.  Just like humans make healthy diet plans to improve their health, Dakota wants dog owners to try recipes with balanced nutrition.

Dog with chin on wall

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If your dog is having trouble with their digestive system, and they frequently get sick, then replacing corn with other high-protein food is a great option.  According to Association of American Feed Control Officials, your dog’s diet must include a minimum of 26% protein.

3 Reasons Corn is Bad For Your Dog

Whether you’re rooting for corn or are against it, there are some negative effects these grains have on your dog’s diet that are difficult to deny.

Dakota says dog food without corn makes her feel light and energetic.  While dog food with corn fills her up with low-quality protein that is essentially not very healthy.

Here are some reasons why you should drop corn from your dog’s diet.

  1. Digestibility Issues: The most common side effect of corn on a dog are digestion issues. Corn is made from highly complex protein that makes it hard for dogs to digest.  Humans, however, can easily digest such grains.  However, a dog’s digestive system has a slower metabolic rate.
  2. Cheap Calories: Dog food manufacturing companies use corn to add low-quality energy benefits to the product.  This reduces cost and increase profits.  Corn doesn’t really have many benefits when it comes to worthy nutrients.  Many big companies make this as a major ingredient in their products.
  3. Allergies: Many dogs have whole food allergies and the number is increasing by the day. Filler grains like corn are often responsible for allergy issues that dogs suffer.  These issues often go undetected for a long time.

Kibbles How Others See Me

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There are many enduring myths started by corn-based industry within the pet food industry, to promote the selling of corn-based dog foods.  So, consider the source when you read an article that is promoting the use of corn in dog food.

The Top 3 Dog Food Without Corn Products

Whether you want your dog to be healthier, or simply want to avoid messing up their digestive system, choosing the right dog food is the approach that benefits your loved one the most.

With the market being flooded with numerous corn-based dog foods, here are some of the best ways you can feed your dog the most nutritional, light and most importantly corn-free food every day.

Brown puppy (9899551176)

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1. Taste of the Wild, Canine Formula

Taste of the Wild, Canine Formula (our Best Dog Food Without Corn)

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Taste of the Wild gets its inspiration from the idea that your pet craves the wild.  Now you can give them the best taste of the jungle with this incredible dog food without corn.

Based on a dog’s ancestral diet, this formula is loaded with proactive and nutritional benefits.

Taste of the Wild, Canine Formula is one of the best choices available in the market when it comes to picking a dog food without corn.

All of their products are grain-free and contain high doses of probiotics, which is healthy for your dog’s digestive system as well as their skin and fur.

The natural meats and nutrients from green vegetables provides a balanced diet option.

This canine formula food pack comes with sweet potatoes and peas, which keeps your loved one active all day long.

The real roasted meat gives it a great taste, while the antioxidants deliver a healthy lifestyle for your adorable, beloved dog.

2. Fromm Family Food, Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Fromm Family Food, Grain Free Dry Dog Food (without corn)

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Fromm Family Food is manufacturing healthy and nutritious dog food since 1904.

Over this time, five generations have dedicated their lives to creating the tastiest and healthiest diet for your adorable pet.

They include their family values like dedication, trust, and focus into their dog foods, and have impacted millions of dogs around the world.

Made in the U.S., Fromm Family Food, Grain Free Dry Dog Food works is healthy and safe for dog consumption.

They have the top ingredients like duck, peas, turkey, potatoes, and even pea protein in their packs, to make it the healthiest choice for your dog.

They are great for dogs of all ages but can be on the pricier side.  This family-owned business in Wisconsin delivers high quality with the most nutritional ingredients on the market.

Fromm makes every product by hand and maintains a full control over the quality and blending of the vital ingredients.  Abiding by the highest quality control standards, they provide dog food without corn, to keep your dog healthy and active all day long.

3. Blue Wilderness Buffalo Duck Formula Grain Free

Blue Wilderness Buffalo Duck Formula Grain Free (dog food without corn)

[wpi_designer_button text='PURCHASE' link='/amazon/BlueWildernessBuffaloDuckFormulaGrainFree' style_id='38' icon='digg' target='_blank']

Blue Wilderness dog food without corn is inspired by the diet of the wolves.

They contain natural ingredients and greater content of chicken tempts, to satisfy the taste buds of your companion and give them the healthiest of meals.

To make your dog more active and resilient like a wolf, Blue Wilderness adult dog food is rich in protein and antioxidants.

From antioxidant-rich fruits like blueberries, cranberries, and carrots, to exclusive LifeSource Bits, Blue Wilderness adds every nutritional element into their dog food products.

Whether you wish to feed your dog gluten-free foods or simply want to keep their digestive systems healthier, this dog food is one of the best options on the market.

Blue Wilderness Buffalo Duck Formula Grain Free is designed to satisfy the hunger of the wolf in your dog.  And, by using only the finest natural ingredients, they have created a dog food that is not only delicious but also highly nutritional.

Conclusions For The Best Dog Food Without Corn

We’ve discussed differences between your canine loved one’s digestive system and the digestive system of your human family.

We’ve identified 3 reasons corn is bad for your dog’s diet.

And, we’ve provided you with 3 of the Best Dog Food Without Corn products you can find anywhere.

With all the information about corn-based dog food and how they can affect your dog’s health, you can now make the right decision for feeding your pet a healthy and balanced diet.

Do You Want The BEST Dog Food Without Corn?


Dakota loves dog food without corn and so will your lovable canine best friend!

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