High Calorie Dog Food: Is It Safe?

If you are like me, I sometimes worry if my dog has enough energy to keep that hard working motor going.  Sometimes she looks so skinny!  Other times tired.

Should I see if a High Calorie Dog Food can fuel her high energy motor?  Maybe put on a couple of LBs to make those ribs less of a spectacle?  Or, see if it can keep her from running out of energy after a hard days work of chasing the Frisbee?

Do You Want The BEST High Calorie Dog Food?


What’s the real story?

Well, it turns out there are ways to fuel a high energy, hard working appetite.  And, to do it safely without the worry of obesity and the issues that go with that.

In this post, we share what our research found and give you the facts you need about:

  • Common reasons for low weight
  • How to determine if your best friend is indeed underweight
  • How to help your pooch put on some weight safely
  • The Top High Calorie Dog Food that can provide the calories they need

Dakota Says the research will prove if a High Calorie Dog Food is safe and effective.

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Some Legitimate Reasons For Low Weight

Obesity is far too common among pets these days, but we often forget that the other end of the spectrum also poses a major cause for concern. Pets that are underweight tend to be ill nourished, sluggish and vulnerable to several other health issues as well.

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Here’s the deal:

If your furry friend is skinny and malnourished, it can be because of any of the following reasons:

  • They are just too active and burns a lot of calories while playing around
  • They are a picky eater
  • An illness is affecting them
  • They were a recently adopted stray dog
  • Their weight is a symptom of a serious illness like parasite infection

Maintaining a healthy weight is important to improve the quality of life of your pet and prevent illnesses related to nutritional deficiencies.

The task isn’t all that daunting, once you know for sure that your dog is underweight, with special care and proper nutrition from high calories dog food, your canine can get back to a healthy weight.

Is My Dog Underweight?  Here Are Things to Look For

You might be wondering, how you can tell that your dog is malnourished or needs to gain weight.

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If only it were that easy…

But, here are a few pointers that can use to help you assess their health:

  • Look at the prominence of their bones? Can you see the ribs and other bony parts of your dog from a distance?
  • What about the muscles? Can you feel the hip bone, spine and skull without any evidence of fats? Are the muscles of their upper leg stringy?
  • Are they always tired? Low energy level is strong indicator.
  • How does their coat look?  Loss of shine in their fur is another red flag.

Key Takaway:

If any of the above feel familiar to you, maybe it’s time to visit a veterinarian and know for sure the cause of his being underweight.  It’s important to be sure that your dog’s condition isn’t a sign of illness.  And, to check for the possibility of a lack of nutrition.

How Can I Help My Dog Gain Weight?

Once your veterinarian has assured you that your dog isn’t underweight because of an underlying medical condition, you can start working on helping them achieve their ideal weight.


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Altering their diet and making it more nutritious is the only way you can help them truly regain a healthy weight.

Depending on their daily activity and lifestyle, an average 100 pound dog requires 1650 – 2250 calories a day.

What to do?

You can make sure your pet receives the desired nutrition with the help of following tips:

  • Switch to High Calorie Dog Food with adequate proteins and fats. Make sure that if your pet is eating dry kibble, it has 30% proteins and 20% fats and if they are on wet food diet, there should be 7% protein and 5% fats.
  • Start feeding your dog several small meals in a day, instead of two large meals so that he stays fueled all day long. This will also boost your pooch’s metabolism and help the ones who are shy of eating.
  • Make sure you are feeding the right amount and constantly monitor his weight to make sure you are on the right track.

Key Takaway:

Read the labels carefully and follow the directions that guide you about their current weight and how much to feed them.  Monitor them weekly.  Adjust as you go.

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The Best 3 High Calorie Dog Food Products

No need to struggle with choosing the right option from an overwhelming list of choices.  We are happy to share our research that has found the top 2 dog foods, and 1 supplement that can be added to either of these top high calorie dog food products.

Or, if you think you furry friend is already happy with a particular brand, the supplement is a great way to simply “add on”.

Below you’ll find a list of handpicked high calories dog food options. These products are specifically designed for active dogs and to help dogs gain weight.

1. Taste of the Wild, Canine Formula

An excellent option for highly active dogs, the Taste of the Wild, Canine Formula is an easily digestible dog food with sweet potatoes and peas.

This grain-free formula is made with real roasted meat and supplemented with vegetables and fruits for balanced nutrition.

Its hearty formula makes sure that all the necessary nutrients and antioxidants are delivered to your pooch.

Its key ingredient peas are a quality source of carbohydrates and also rich in proteins and natural fiber.

Apart from that, other ingredients in the product like lamb meal and ocean fish meal are other great sources of protein.

Overall, the products boast of minimum 32% crude protein and around 18% crude fat, which should be sufficient to help your pooch reach a healthy weight.

The product offers nutrition at all stages of life and also supports a healthy immune system, maintains healthy skin and shiny coats of the dog and boosts his overall health.

2. Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct Nutrient Dense Formula Dry Dog Food

Created by expert nutritionist using rich, high-quality ingredients, Purina One offers a healthy dietary option for your beloved dog.

The product uses real chicken as its key ingredient, which ensures that your pooch receives sufficient protein with every bite to keep his energy levels high.

Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct contains 30% protein to support an active and healthy lifestyle for your pooch. Other ingredients include sweet potatoes, pea protein, pea starch, dried beet pulp, animal digest etc.

Purina markets this dog food as Nutrient Dense (nutrient-dense), and from the ingredients it is very plain that this high calorie dog food lives up to the branding.

But, that’s not all…

Your dog also benefits from a smart blend of ingredients rich in anti-oxidants that deliver important vitamin E & A, along with Zinc and selenium.

All the ingredients are carefully selected to offer a nutrition-dense, easily digestible and balanced diet that supports healthy weight of your pooch.

Make sure you carefully read the feeding instructions at the back of the product before starting the diet.

A Supplement Could Be The Best Solution

Maybe changing dog food isn’t a good fit for your dog.  We can definitely understand that position.

What else can you do?

Well, there is another option.  And, our research led us right to it.

Tomlyn Nutri-Stat

Supplement your pooch’s diet with Tomlyn Nutri-Stat.  This is an excellent high calorie food supplement to support healthy appetite and reach and ideal weight.

What’s the deal?

This supplement was created to address the extra energy needs for active pets.

It can be consumed by puppies, dogs, cats and kittens as well.  The supplement is easily digestible.  And, veterinarians recommend it.

Bottom line?

It can be given to pets that are:

  • Stressed
  • Debilitated
  • Suffering from a medical condition
  • Recovering from an injury or surgery
  • Aging
  • Picky eaters

This calorie-packed, high protein supplement gives your pet all the critical vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

Simply give 1 ½ teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight to your furry friend and make sure that they still receive ideal nutrition anytime they are unable to eat a regular meal or need a nutrition boost.

Wrap Up: Best High Calorie Dog Food

During our research, we found that the best high calorie dog food can fuel your pet throughout the day.  If administered properly, it can also boost the health of your pooch.

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There may be many potential reasons for you friend to be too skinny.  So, use the information above to figure out why.  And, if you still can’t figure it out, please give your veterinarian a call to check things out.

Do You Want The BEST High Calorie Dog Food?


We hope you’ve enjoyed our research.  Now it’s your turn!  Please post a comment and tell us about your experiences with using any of the Best High Calorie Dog Food products above.  Or, tell us about any other products you’ve tried and had success (or failure).

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