Dakota Says

Dakota Says a lot about what is important to her.  She knows the best dog food and best dog treats.  Plus, she has a lot of opinions about what is good in the rest of the doggie world.

Dakota doing what Dakota likes best, while working up an appetite for the best dog food.

Dakota doing what Dakota likes best.

Dakota Says she is willing to share her thoughts about a lot of things.  So, far these are her favorite topics:

  1. Frisbee
  2. Frisbee
  3. Frisbee
  4. Frisbee
  5. Frisbee…

Well, she does tend to have a one track mind when it comes to her favorite toy.  But, here are some other topics she also knows a lot about:

  • Food
  • Toys
  • Treats
  • Friends
  • Comfort
  • Utilities (it might surprise you how much she likes this topic)


Meet Dakota

Dakota is a smart (first), wants to please you, attention Jezebel, high energy cross breed.

She gets her smarts from her Border Collie dad.  Her love from her cross breed Mom that is part Terrier and part Labrador.

Dakota’s need to please is from, well, you know, being a dog.  So, her need of attention probably from both of her parents.

Dakota Says

Dakota Says a lot.  Here are some of her most sought after opinions.

Best Dog Food

Dakota Says that food is important.  But, the most important part of food is that it provides the energy to allow her to play Frisbee, fetch balls, and go for long walks.

Dakota is unlike most dogs in that she doesn’t eat all of her food at once.  But, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like food.

We haven’t tested this yet.  But, there is strong speculation around our household that Dakota could probably subsist on Frisbee throws.

That being said, she does have strong opinions on what food she will eat.

Dakota has already weighed in about Low Protein Dog Food products in her first article for Dakota Says.

Dakota has added several other dog food related articles.  Some other recent additions are:

In other upcoming articles, Dakota will continue to provide some inner thoughts about what makes a great dog food and what ingredients and flavors work the best for her.


Dakota Says Frisbee’s ROCK!

We could probably stop with the Frisbee.  But, Dakota does venture out and have a lot of fun with other toys.

In this upcoming article Dakota will elaborate on what makes a great toy for her, and what toys she loves that make her smile.


Dakota Says “I’ll do anything for you for a treat”!

In an article about the Best Dog Food Treats, Dakota rates the top treats she’s tried and which ones cause her to learn a new trick the fastest.


Dakota Says she has a lot of friends and has learned a lot from each of them.

She loves to talk food with them.  And, has learned that some play friendly and other not so much.

Once Dakota learned the traits that each of her friends has, it has helped her to know what foods they like, what toys they respond to, and in general what makes them tick.

In the following articles, we dig deeper into what some of Dakota’s friends like best:


Dakota Says that comfort is NOT overrated.

See what Dakota Says in this upcoming article about the gifts she’s received that has made her life easier.

Oh, to be a dog.


Dakota Says these utility items are things she just can’t live without.

Dakota gets so excited to go for walks.  But, she needs that leash that works the best for her.

She probably doesn’t need food (we’ve already established she can live off of Frisbee throws).  But, she still needs a good bowl, and a good food storage container.

She runs a lot, but Dakota still needs those nails clipped every once in a while (not her favorite activity).

Dakota Says a Lot

Dakota does say a lot.  And, not only when someone is walking on the sidewalk outside (she does plenty of that as well!).

We hope you find Dakota’s advice useful.  And, that some of her suggestions can help make your own best friend have a much happier and healthier life while enjoying the best dog food.

Dakota thanks you for visiting her site.  And, wishes everyone a Good Frisbee Day!

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Best Nutrition Websites - OnToplist.com

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